Climate Report April 2021

Past and present, ahead of the curve

The climate challenge is heavily impacting all our lives, because of its magnitude, its complexity and the technological responses that it demands. For the same reasons, it is also bringing us together.


At Renault Group, we are proud of what we have already accomplished. Ten years ago, we were the first to embrace the circular economy and electric vehicles. Over the past decade, we have reorganized our Group’s management and working methods to develop ever more innovative models. Our efforts have paid off, in particular by making
Renault Group the European leader for electric vehicles. Continuing on this path, we put our climate project at the heart of the Renaulution strategic plan, aligning with the new expectations of civil society and rising generations, who demand a more sustainable economic model.

In this Climate Report, we take the time to describe our ambitions, our methods and our strategic actions to achieve carbon neutrality, guided by a series of short- and medium-term milestones. We wanted to share with you our determination to meet the climate challenge by developing technological solutions that are at once innovative, ecological and systemic.

This period of transition has led us to reshape our organization, step up our climate response and interact with a multitude of partners. By collaborating with cities, regions, energy players, NGOs and academics, we can advance together toward sustainable mobility. We are diversifying our businesses: with batteries, we are working at the frontier between the automotive and energy sectors. Increasingly, cars are at the intersection of different worlds: cities, energy and digital.

In this report, you will learn about our decarbonization pathways, powered by our
know-how and centers of excellence in France and abroad. With the Re-Factory being created in Flins, the Group is once again ahead of the curve in environmental innovation and excellence.