Climate Report April 2021

Action 7. Strengthen Renault Group’s circular economy leadership

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Action 7. Strengthen Renault Group’s circular economy leadership


The circular economy is an essential tool in the fight against climate change. Concrete action is taken at every step in the value chain, from the vehicle’s eco-design (rational use of resources) to end of life (reuse and recycling). Already an industry leader in integrating recycled materials into new vehicles, Renault Group will further accelerate its engagement in this activity and make it a significant driver of its competitiveness and growth.


In 2021, Renault Group began transforming its Flins site to create the Re-Factory, an open ecosystem whose aim is to become the European leader in the circular economy dedicated to mobility. Re-Factory is structured around four areas of activity that interact to amplify the action taken and its measurable results.


Development of the dismantling industry for end-of-life vehicles, refurbishment or reuse of parts and material recycling.


Research, training and innovation in the circular economy.


Reconditioning of used vehicles, fleet maintenance (Zity), conversion of ICE vehicles to electric or biogas and battery repair.


Optimizing battery use, second life and recycling.

Management of renewable energies.



Yearly number of vehicles able to be retrofitted on Re-Trofit lines by 2030.


Target for specialized jobs at the Flins Re-Factory by 2030.

> €1 billion 

Target for business volume from Renault Environnement and the Re-Factory ecosystem, including joint ventures in which Renault Group is not a majority shareholder (Boone Comenor Metalimpex and INDRA).