Climate Report April 2021

Interview with Clotilde Delbos

Pulling together to succeed

Interview with Clotilde Delbos

Building on the best open innovation ecosystems to maximize the usefulness of cars while minimizing their environmental impact.


Why must we act now to reinvent the car?

CLOTILDE DELBOS — User demands and mobility habits are changing. Our customers are looking for fit-for-purpose mobility solutions that will optimize the cost of their journey, using vehicles that are more friendly to the environment. The automotive industry needs to reinvent itself to meet their expectations, or others will seize the opportunity. It is up to us to deliver low-carbon, flexible mobility solutions to suit all types of customers. To make the most of our natural resources, we must build these solutions around vehicles made mainly with materials from the circular economy. Mobilize, a business unit newly created by Renault Group, will help to meet this challenge and enable the Group to reinvent itself by offering flexible mobility and energy-related services.

How does Mobilize contribute to Renault Group’s climate goals?

To rein in global warming, cars must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. How do we achieve this? By promoting the transition to electric vehicles while optimizing and extending battery life. Our goal at Mobilize is to create sustainable ecosystems that combine electric mobility with smart charging and the second-life reuse of batteries for storing renewable energies. These solutions will contribute to regional carbon neutrality goals and Renault Group’s climate ambition.

Today, to achieve success, you need partners. Who do you work with?

We are facing a structural and societal transformation that compels us to work in partnerships and create synergy at every level. We intend to build on the best ecosystems to maximize the usefulness of cars while minimizing their environmental impact. We will achieve our goal by combining our expertise with that of other mobility and energy players, public authorities and tech startups and partners – in particular through Software République – to create innovative data, energy and mobility services.

To support this transformation and make it a success, the engagement of every Group team is essential. Only by working together to pull all these levers can we achieve our carbon neutrality ambition.