Climate Report April 2021

Expert guide



The Ethics and CSR Committee is mainly tasked with:

  • ensuring a high level of commitment in terms of extra-financial compliance, ethics and social and environmental responsibility;
  • reviewing and assessing procedures for reporting and controlling non financial indicators (environmental, health and safety indicators and workforce-related reporting);
  • receiving, every year, the presentation of the risk-mapping of the Group relating to ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development; the Board of Directors reviews the risks and opportunities identified and is kept informed of their evolution and the characteristics of the related management systems;
  • reviewing reporting, assessment and control systems to ensure that the company is able to provide reliable non-financial information and, in particular, issue an opinion on the declaration of extra-financial performance that must be published in accordance with applicable law;
  • working to ensure that the Group takes into account extra-financial issues and long-term outlooks;
  • promoting ethics and ensuring that ethical rules are harmonized within Group entities and monitoring their application.

The Ethics and CSR Committee meets at least twice a year and coordinates its work with that of the other specialized committees of the Board of Directors, in particular:

  • the Audit, Risks and Compliance Committee (CARC), for matters relating to internal control, compliance, risk analysis and management (including of climate-related risks) and non-financial information;
  • the Strategy Committee, for matters relating to ethics policy, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, including carbon neutrality.

In 2020, the Committee notably examined the following topics:

  • investors’ expectations with regard to the Group’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges;
  • the work undertaken on the Group’s Raison d’Être;
  • the materiality matrix and the CSR indicators being monitored;
  • the plans to create a specific circular-economy factory (the Re-Factory) in Flins;
  • and the Climate Report's project.